Most of the persons were surrounded by their friends during their college days.
But after finishing college education, communication with college friends becomes rare day by day. Everybody gets too much involved with their family and daily activities. And in today’s busy and hectic schedule, no one has time to spend with their friends and even family also. Everyone gives more importance to their priorities compared to friends circle Those sweet memories of college disappear eventually.


What will happen if you will get a chance to experience those golden days again? What will be your reaction when you will be able to meet your friends again?, old as well as new,  Yes…!! It is possible to meet not only to your old friends but also expands your friend circle. There are a lot of options for doing many activities with your these friends such as outing, party, and long vacations, breakfast or even dinner meet. Can we have some way/ option for this?

Joining a good social club, where you can meet new people and spend some quality time with them is a good option. But some social clubs are very expensive. Paying lots of money for a year in any club is not possible for everyone. Then what to do?

Join Pune Dhamal Masti Group which is always ready to make you happy and do your social activities at a very affordable price. Membership of the group is totally free. A paid membership is optional. We have such a unique feature that is not available anywhere. A paid membership allows the public to avail of the discounts for various events happening throughout the year. For free members, they have to pay the contribution as per the event without discount like paid members but membership for the group is free. The group is open for members of all Casts, Communities, and Religions, etc.

After joining this group, you can enjoy an informal dinner or a coffee in CCD . You can also participate in festivals like Navaratri-Dandiya night, Holi Party. We also arrange projector screens to watch IPL live matches for our group. There are indoor as well as outdoor games available for group members such as badminton sports, Bowling etc. and Outdoor as well as adventure sports events like trip, trek, camping, jungle safari, rock climbing, water rafting, scuba diving and many more. These events  are organized throughout the year depending on season and  are of one/two day duration and of long duration(5 to15 days) also. These events are of open to all with fix budget and program me and the same events  can be customized also for a group of minimum 10 participants as per the program me and budget of their choice. In long duration events, we are organizing events like Himaliyan treks, Himaliyan Bike Ride/Jeep Ride, jungle Safari and leisure trips in locations in Himalaya, and in places in Goa, Rajasthan, MP etc. and in association in some international locations also like Bali, Germany. Dubai etc.

Besides these above activities, with a variety of people connected in our group through social media, members can get benefits from them. The existing members had experiences of getting references through our contacts, like any job by circulating their CV on groups; many of them promote their business also. In group network the actual business happened like one website developer got the business, one aerobics teacher got the business, joint venture business was created by members who met on this platform etc. and all this is free of charge, the group doesn’t charge anything to members for this.

The group has some new features also. Meeting for an informal meet and few events in age wise
Category. The classes of members are as per age as Charlie – 20 to 30, Brawo – 30 to 40, and Alfa – Above 40, and the meetings and events will be conducted by the male and female organizer of this age group. This system is in process currently and will be made active in few days.

Many informal groups were formed by members who mate on this platform for the first time. They have now become close friends apart from members of the group and meeting frequently, calling each other on family functions etc.


Apart from this, few members can avail many advantages, for example previously few members had organized corporate outbound training of the organization employees of their contact  by giving our  reference and we had organized that training by professionals in that field . Likewise, any member of a company can satisfy their colleagues by giving them their desired programme  which is conducted by our quality professionals in the respective field.  On the same lines, one member had organized Rafting event in Kundalika for the company employees where he is working. And  on same lines, lot of such events for their friend’s or relative’s group or a group of any social, cultural, bhishi, business, mahila mandal, society residence, trekking, badminton group or club of which they are associated by any means (apart from the company employees in their contact) were organized by the members through our group. And the benefit was and will  be passed on to the members who had given and will  give the business to group, the benefit which was given and will be given is  ranging from discounted or free participation in said event to substantial commit ion also, depending upon type of events and no. of participants they had bring and can bring.


Recently we have started the Youth Hotel Association of India Unit and have started outdoor events of this unit  for Kids as well as for Adults.


So you are waiting for what?

Call Pranav on 9881831122 at your earliest in order to join the group