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Anjarle Beach

Anjarle Beach is one of the excellent places in Konkan.  The destination is 20km from Dapoli and is famous for the ‘Kadya warcha Ganpati’. It is a very ancient temple in Anjarle constructed using wooden pillars in around 1150. People used to cross Anjarle in a boat and then climb the hill steps through the Anjarle village.

Anjarle also has a very clean, unspoiled beach with white sand surrounded by trees and palms. This Palm Beach is a very amazing place to visit on a long weekend. Anjarle is a little, green village having all facilities.  Anjarle beach is the place where people visit every week to spend a quiet and peaceful weekend filled with every tourist activity. There are many sightseeing points where people enjoy a lot from exploring the beautiful beach and its waves to places of the devotional worship; even the distance is not so much it’s just 220 km from Mumbai.

Anjarle beach is the amazing beauty of nature; there are very few beaches in India which match the scenic beauty of the Anjarle beach. The sand is white in colour and reflects the sunlight above, its shine like a layout of diamonds. The nature of this beach is full of green lushes covered with palms and keeps a good lookout. The beach is quite long, around two km, perfect for a lazy walk during sunset. So sitting in the sun with white sand is one of the perfect ways of spending your weekend at Anjarle.

The beach is very clean and has good ambiance. The beach reflects its beauty with silent water along with the natural pleasant sound of waves creating the pleasing atmosphere. This beach owns beauty during sunset and its amazing nature view.

Suvarnadurg Fort is another attraction to visit in this area; located on a small island near Harnai in Konkan, along the West Coast of India, in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The fort also includes another land fort named as Kanakadurga at the base of headland of Harnai port. Building of the fort is credited to King Shivaji.

The best season to visit Anjarle beach is in winter, i.e. November, December, January, February, and March. It is not worthwhile to visit Anjarle beach in summer as the temperature is very humid. During low tide in winter, Anjarle beach turns into bird watchers paradise as it attracts many spices of birds to a beach. Various types of birds are spotted in the sky, Gold-fronted Leafbirds, Whistling thrush,  Malabar-Pied Hornbill, Black-hooded Oriole, White-cheeked Barbets, Red-vented Bulbuls and the Indian vulture which are on verge of extinction in India.

The vulture’s species was present in large numbers and declined rapidly in numbers between 1992 and 2007. The size of Indian vulture is 75-85 cm, wingspan 200-220, weight 3.5 to 7.5 kg. Vultures found mostly in plains and less frequently in hilly regions. Their breeding season is in October to March. Their nest is built on trees at the height of about 13 to 20 m with the help of sticks and branches and lined by leaves. This place is near Shrivardhan.

The species has qualified as ‘critically rare’ as per of rapid population decline. Currently, the government has taken necessary action to reduce the usage of drugs which is believed to have affected the population of the vulture. Vulture species is already felt by humans, but somewhere in Konkan area, people can see vulture restaurants.





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