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Bhandardara- A awesome Beauty of nature


Bhandardara- A awesome Beauty of nature

Bhandardara is situated at a distance of 70km from Nashik. It is very peaceful area and very popular hill station for fun loving and picnic lovers. Bhandara is a very clean place and there is the historical fort, an ancient temple- Amritheshwar temple, a peaceful ashram, Wilson dam and many points are the important destination at Bhandardara. It is also famous for trekking destination Mount Kalsubai.

Bhandardara dam is the largest dams in Nashik. The height of the dam is nearly 150m, the waterfall which is a picturesque sight during the monsoon season.  There is also a lake with the scenic beauty called Arthur Lake. It is not only a heart-catching scenic spot, these waterfalls also serve as a hydropower generation which attracts the crowd.

  • Bhandardara is a hill station which is located 3000 ft high and 180kms from Mumbai and 80 km Pune from Nashik.
  • Bhandardara is a dam which is famous for its remote and peaceful location, waterfalls around the area and boating.
  • Bhandara is a trekking point for many treks loving people.
  • It is a very excellent stopover, en route to Shirdi and is the very relaxing destination recommended by small sites.

Places to visit in Bhandardara

  • Umbrella Falls, Bhandara overview-

The umbrella waterfalls are the most famous waterfalls under the Wilson Dam and the force by which the waterfalls on the naturally placed rocks that gives an impression of an umbrella. There is a little footbridge that connects the Pravara River that one can use to cross and enjoy a closer look at the falls and the dam.

  • Wilson Dam, Overview

The Wilson Dam was built in 1910 it is the largest earthen dam in India which speaks of the excellence of those days. The base of the dam has a garden that of thick greenery, huge trees, and little streams.  In monsoon season when the water level rises the gates of dam opens itself to release water into to the edge of the garden to enjoy the sprinkles of the water.


  • Kalsubai Peak

Kalsubai is a  very highest peak of the Sahyadri Ranges. The view of this majestic mountain gives an amazing beauty sight in Bhandara. It is also known as the Everest of Maharashtra, as it is the highest peak in the state.  The trek is very tricky and the experience of the trekkers finds their way to top with some difficulty. There are man-made stairs to reach the peak if you don’t wish to trek.

  • Arthur Lake

The lake is surrounded by lush mountains of Sahyadri ranges, Arthur Lake is a quaint little pool that gets its water from the Pravara river.


Arthur Lake, Bhandardara Overview

Surrounded by the lush mountains of Sahyadri ranges, Arthur Lake is a quaint little pool that gets its water from the Pravara river. It is a serene place to unwind and soak in the natural beauty.

Randha Falls

Randha falls is at a distance of 10 km from Bhandardara bus stop, 156 km from Pune and 177 km from Mumbai, the waterfall is very beautiful and is located on the Rajur Bhandardara road in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. The waterfall is formed over the river from a height of 170 feet into a beautiful gorge. It is the most visited place during monsoon season. There is also one time over there and a viewpoint just above the falls provides an amazing view of the waterfalls.

Bhandardara- Climate condition

There is a tropical climate in Bhandardara. The summer season is rainier than the winter season. Bhandardara, the average annual temperature is 23.6 °C and total average 1652 mm.

Winter season in Bhandardara

Winter season starts from the month of November and till February it remains as it is. In the winter season, Bhandardara beauty is like breathtaking and its more amazing with cherish ambiance.  The temperature of the hill station during the winter season is recorded at about 10 °C so it’s a tourist best place. One can have a  beautiful sightseeing during this ideal season.







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