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Duke’s Nose

At a distance of 8 km from Khandala Railway station and 10 km from Lonavala, Duke’s Nose is one of the most famous viewpoints located near INS Shivaji in Lonavala. It is a popular place for trekking in Maharashtra; also it is one of the best tourist attractions of the top things to do in Lonavala.
Duke’s Nose named after the Duke of Wellington, due to it’s similar to the nose of Duke in a reclining position. The other points of similarity are like snake hood and after the name Nagphani. This place is at very high altitude and it is a wonderful point. Apart from this, the place is famous for trekking, hiking, rock activities, climbing and thrilling activities which attract many people who are interested in adventures. This trek is a bit difficult because of the steepness it has. The rocky structure enables the tourist to reach the site, and the top of the rock is flat so tourist walk along with the sides.
Duke’s Nose is an ultimate gateway from Mumbai or Pune for one day trip. There are two trekking routes to reach Nagphani, the first route take 3-4 hours while the second route takes around 1.5 hours to reach the top through this easiest route. There is one of the small temples on the hilltop. People can enjoy an amazing view of the Mumbai-Pune road and rail corridors surrounding Sahyadri peaks. There is one Mahadev temple on top which is simply omissible spot if you are touring around. The attraction near Lonavala presents a mind-blowing view of the plains.
Mainly Duke’s Nose is famous for trekking and rock climbing and it is the topographical spot that consists of long trails through the forests leading to the steep rocky outcrops of the spot. People can also get a good viewpoint of the Duke’s Nose from the sunset point and proceed towards Lonavala to reach the cliff. People traveling from Mumbai to Pune; see the mesmerizing view of the valley. Visiting during monsoon season can also find some waterfalls gushing down the Sahyadri ranges. Duke’s Nose is the place which is surrounding with full of natural beauty. If you want to jump in and walk your way up to the rock face, Duke’s nose is the best place to visit!!!!!

Camping at Duke’s Nose

After the thrilling experience of the trek, camping overnight is a must here. Campers can include their tents on the cliff and spend the night under a starlit sky in the cool breeze watching the beautiful valley. There are many group activities like bonfire, barbeque, dinner and other indoor-outdoor games by the bonfire.

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