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Kokan Velas Village

An isolated village called Velas located in the Mandangad taluka of Ratnagiri district, Velas is covered by mountains on its three sides and an amazing shoreline on the fourth quadrant. Velas village holds a historical importance as the birthplace & hometown of administration Pune. Vela’s economy is based on the cultivation of rice, beetle nut, coconuts, and mangoes.

Velas beach has many natural landmarks with admirable points. The beach offers the spectacular and amazing view of its visitors. The sunset and sunrise views are watched by the arrivals. This beach contains an old temple of Shri Bhairi and Mahalaxmi temple.  Velas is a private and most beautiful beach in Ratnagiri district and located close to shrivardhan region at a distance of 11kms.

Adventures people love this beach more as watersports fun deeds are provided. This beach got a fair number of outdoor activities which are available as per season. Nature of this beach is amazing many natural green spaces can along with the shore of the beach. The Velas beach is a hometown for turtle and many turtles lay their eggs on the shores of the beach.

This beach is usually surrounded by the pleasant environment with cool temperature and with much dense green vegetation.  Summers are found mild hot whereas winters are seen pleasant and kind cold. At times even inhabits high amount of monsoons which consequently makes the beach area humid and high tides occur.

Things to do around Velas

  • Drive up the bankot fort to enjoy amazing views of Harihareshwar beach.
  • Visit Devkhol for its beautiful temple with carvings of gods and goddesses.
  • Visit the sea fort of Janjira near Murud via Dighi.

Velas village located in Ratnagiri district in Maharashtra India. It is away from sub-district headquarter Mandangad and 21km away from Ratnagiri. Apart from this Bankot is a small fishing village that offers a beautiful view of Himmat gadh called as Bankot fort. Guhagar has some pristine beaches, including Velneshwar and Hedvi, Dapoli, Diveagar, Shrivardhan, etc. are well known for their beaches and typical Konkani cuisine they serve.

The time when you visit Velas is when several Olive Ridley turtle hatching from the golden sand, wasting no time as they follow of moisture in the air their seemingly never-ending trip to the Arabian Sea. This is after turtle has come ashore under the darkest about 45-55 days ahead to lay their clutches of eggs. The Olive Ridley has one of the most extraordinary nesting habits in the world. The large group of turtles gathers offshore and then all at once they come to lay their eggs. The turtles can come ashore without fear of human intervention.

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